Work With Us Together!

Kathryn & Amy have been creating beautiful sustainable landscapes for over 10 years. The creative synergy generated by the Garden Design Studio magnifies the strengths of each individual designer, resulting in an exceptional garden for you. Working with two designers is especially beneficial when dealing with large or challenging sites. By having each designer focus on their strength, efficiency is achieved and time is saved.

Kathryn Leech, APLD

Kathryn Leech, APLD

River City Gardens is a small sustainable landscape design company in Portland, Oregon. The heart of River City Gardens is Kathryn Leech, APLD, a Certified Landscape Designer with many years experience in gardening, garden design, ornamental pruning and consulting on landscape installations.

River City Gardens’ designs are influenced, as I am myself, by the beauty and serenity of the Pacific Northwest landscape—giant trees, rain, rivers, ocean and majestic sky. My goal is to build gardens that look and feel as at home here as we do! Go to the River City Garden website to learn more.

Sustainable Garden Dsigner Amy Whitworth

Amy Whitworth, Garden Designer

Participate in a collaborative process with a creative garden artist, as we integrate your garden into your home and life. I’ll use my experience and vision to interpret your desires and transform your land into a garden environment for healthy living and inspiration.

Earth-friendly gardens with year-round interest include native plants to provide food and shelter for local wildlife. Soil health (the foundation for an exuberant garden) is primary. Your garden will come alive as foliage colors and textures, with accents of bud, bloom, berry and seed change with the seasons. Learn more about me and my services on the Plan-it Earth Design website.