Friends of Abundant Nature

We feed the earth and it feeds us. We clear the land and build structures. Time passes, change and decay occur; nature returns. Creative reuse of old materials completes the cycle, saving energy and reducing waste. Abundant Nature provides food and forage for humans and wildlife in a natural system that is easy care and self-supporting. It reflects the canopy layers found in the forest, and weaves urban objects into a magical setting.

Welcome the fairies and nature spirits that celebrate their partnership with people sharing mutual respect. The impermanence of our activities results in an imperfect beauty. That is nature!

Abundant Nature relies on many community partners to make your gardens a reality.

Design Team


Contributors & Resources

Wholesale nurseries providing plants

  • Yoshitomi Bros.
  • Cascadian Nurseries
  • Bradshaw Nursery LLC
  • Dinsdale Nursery
  • Little Prince of Oregon Nursery
  • Log House Plants
  • Youngblood Nursery Inc