Friends: Organizations

  1. Architectural Heritage Center
              701 Grand Ave.
              Portland, OR  97214


Non-profit resource for historic preservation owned & operated by the Bosco-Millikan Foundation, with historical, architectural and art exhibits, tours and educational programs.


  1. Association of Northwest Landscape Designers (ANLD)
    Local design group. Annual Garden Tour benefits Landscape Design Scholarships for PCC & CCC Students. Watch for gardens designed by Amy Whitworth, Kathryn Leech, APLD, Annie Bamberger or Lora Price
  2. Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD)
    International Trade Organization, Design Certification.
  3. Backyard Habitat Certification Program

A joint program of Audubon Society of Portland and Columbia Land Trust.  Provides assistance and incentives to residents on lots less than 1 acre, within the cities of Portland and Lake Oswego, to restore native wildlife habitat in their backyards.