HedgerowsA beautiful, functional, biologically diverse hedgerow. Hedgerows is an old English term that refers to narrow planting strips that grow along field borders, fence lines and waterways.

In the Northwest this ancient design method is being expanded to incorporate a diverse number of plant species with a wide variety of functions.

Hedgerows often consist of trees, shrubs, ground covers, perennials, annuals, and vines depending on the function, size, and location of the planting strip.

The Functions of Hedgerows and Living Fences

Enhance Wildlife

Hedgerows provide habitat for a large variety of mammal, bird, reptile, and insect species, many of which are beneficial predators of plant pests. Encouraging game birds can provide recreation for the landowner and a potential source of revenue.

Other functions:
  • Wildlife corridors
  • Nectar source: bees and other pollinators
  • Edge species that thrive where two or more habitats come together.