In the Company of Rain

The comforting sound of rain on the roof
The fragrance of winter on a rainy day
Watch the drizzle dripping from above

In the Company of Rain. A show garden by Garden Design StudioOur garden showcases a passive water feature: A simple and elegant garden for the disconnected downspout. Recycled wood is fashioned into a stylish loggia, delivering plenty of freefalling rainwater from the metal roof through two whimsical copper scuppers.

The rain is then diverted from the storm system into a functional bioswale for purification on its long journey towards the river. Wetland plants with textural qualities thrive by drinking in the bountiful water, reducing overflow. Evergreens are vibrant with the abundance of rain after a long, dry summer season. Birds fly to and fro gathering food and finding shelter.

Imagine relaxing on an outdoor couch by the fire, enjoying life “In the Company of Rain”