Lewisia & Clarkia: A Garden of Discovery

This garden was a Gold Medal winner at the 2004 Portland Home and Garden Show. It also won the Best Educational Award and Best Habitat Award.

It is also a featured garden at The Oregon Garden in Silverton, OR.

Inspired by the journals of Lewis & Clark—on the Bicentennial of their Expedition—this garden environment brings to life the wild history of our Northwest home. Plants selected are some of those from lush forests long ago, species that were known to the native peoples but new to Merriwether Lewis. Included are current hybridized forms with ornamental value.

…“The Timber on those hills are of the pine Species [Douglas Fir] large and tall maney of them more than 200 feet high & from 8 to 10 feet through at the Stump”…
From the Field Notes of Capt. William Clark. November 13 Wednesday 1805

Welcome to a home garden where exploration is fun: toys left behind by children play-acting the journey of Lewis & Clark. An overscaled arbor represents Fort Clatsop on the Oregon coast, their winter home. A waterfall is reminiscent of the Columbia Gorge long ago with salmon leaping upstream. Creek shallows invite dogs and kids to romp and play. A campfire harkens back to those hard days on the river, now it waits to gently warm a summer’s eve when tales are told that take root in our imagination.

The Garden Design Studio teamed up with Bosky Dell Natives to present this display at the 2004 Portand Home & Garden Show.