Abundant Nature: An Enchanted Food Forest

Abundant Nature, an edible gardenAbundant Nature was our installation garden at the 2014 Yard, Garden and Patio Show.  Abundant Nature provides food and forage for humans and wildlife in a natural system that is easy care and self-supporting.  It reflects the canopy layers found in the forest, and weaves urban objects into a magical setting.

The garden ,  a collaboration between the Garden Design Studio and two additional local designers, weaves together play spaces, native and edible plants, as well as welcome areas for fairies and nature spirits that celebrate their partnership with people sharing mutual respect. The impermanence of our activities results in an imperfect beauty.  That is nature!

Please go to take a look at more information about Abundant Nature: An Enchanted Food Forest, as well as a gallery featuring a slideshow and videos at the Abundant Nature website.

Food Forest

A food forest differs from vegetable gardens in that it is multi-layered, with upper canopy fruit and nut trees, understory edible shrubs, and perennial ground layers of herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Edible forest gardening combines plants that are mutually beneficial, creating a garden ecosystem that is more than the sum of its parts, useful to both people and wildlife and largely self-maintaining.


HedgerowsA beautiful, functional, biologically diverse hedgerow. Hedgerows is an old English term that refers to narrow planting strips that grow along field borders, fence lines and waterways.

In the Northwest this ancient design method is being expanded to incorporate a diverse number of plant species with a wide variety of functions. [Read more…]

Lewisia & Clarkia: A Garden of Discovery

This garden was a Gold Medal winner at the 2004 Portland Home and Garden Show. It also won the Best Educational Award and Best Habitat Award.

It is also a featured garden at The Oregon Garden in Silverton, OR.

Inspired by the journals of Lewis & Clark—on the Bicentennial of their Expedition—this garden environment brings to life the wild history of our Northwest home. Plants selected are some of those from lush forests long ago, species that were known to the native peoples but new to Merriwether Lewis. Included are current hybridized forms with ornamental value. [Read more…]

In the Company of Rain

The comforting sound of rain on the roof
The fragrance of winter on a rainy day
Watch the drizzle dripping from above

In the Company of Rain. A show garden by Garden Design StudioOur garden showcases a passive water feature: A simple and elegant garden for the disconnected downspout. Recycled wood is fashioned into a stylish loggia, delivering plenty of freefalling rainwater from the metal roof through two whimsical copper scuppers. [Read more…]

1909 House

Earth Advantage 1909 House: A Study in Respectful Remodel

1909 HouseGarden Design Studio collaborated with Arciform LLC — an award-winning vintage home remodeler using earth-friendly and sustainable techniques and materials — to design and install the garden landscape for the 1909 House, 2005’s PGE Earth Advantage project. [Read more…]

Sheet Composting

yard showing sheet mulching in progressDecompose your lawn naturally, organically by sheet mulching. Sheet composting is the technique of laying organic material on top of the soil allowing it to decompose naturally as it does on the forest floor, activating the soil with healthy microbial life.

Compost improves the soil structure allowing space between clay particles, suppresses weeds and aids in water retention. All of this means healthy, happy plants! [Read more…]